3QUARTERS is an innovative sustainable fashion brand founded in 2015 in Athens, Greece, focusing on upcycled fashion accessories. Committed to the principles of sustainable design, we work intentionally on small-scale production. And try to raise awareness on slow, ethical, socially and environmentally conscious fashion. We upcycle leftover and used awning fabrics from the Athenian balconies. All our raw material is sourced locally and we adhere to a policy of zero-waste. Athens, the complex metropolis, is our inspiration and mirror its spartan urban landscape. Respecting the character and limitations of our fabrics, we have designed a series of bags that are utilitarian, stylish and reliable. Living in a big city, we complement the contemporary urban lifestyle with a topical taste. Each bag is designed and manufactured separately, the colour and material combinations carefully selected and then everything made and assembled by hand. It takes time and effort, a good eye and many hours of head scratching but is worth the effort. We never make the same bag twice. Working with limited resources and relying on what is available at the time, it is inevitable. And we see each one of our bags as something of ourselves; there’s been many an occasion that we felt sad in letting one go.

Sustainable Fashion

3QUARTERS is part of the Fashion Revolution movement, and co-founders of the Fashion Revolution Greece. We are joining forces with everyone striving for a sustainable, socially and environmentally conscious fashion.

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In March 2019, 3QUARTERS was awarded a Common Objective Leadership Award,  as one of the brands that have “the courage to do the right thing – and doing it well. The CO leadership awards put the spotlight on businesses with great products or services – that maximise benefits to people, and minimise the impact on the environment.”